20 Years of Legally Blonde

This year a film is celebrating its 20th anniversary in July, which, at first glance, has nothing to do with feminism. Legally Blonde from 2001 with Reese Witherspoon in the lead role is a plea for self-determination, girl power and lots of pinks. Even now, 20 years later, the flick is still widely praised and stands for feminism and fashion. After all, you can’t think of the film without thinking about the colour pink. The colour dominates the look of the comedy reel and the leading actress, who looks splendid.

The main character Elle Woods loves pink more than anything. Accordingly, she designs her life and her fashion around the stunning effects of pink. The film does away with the cliché that feminism and style do not go together. On the contrary, the protagonist, played by Reese Witherspoon, desperately wants to become a lawyer. She gets a place at the prestigious law school of Harvard, but her motives are initially anything but feminist. All she wants is to win back her ex-boyfriend.

Faced With Numerous Stereotypes

But it quickly turns out that the blonde has a pronounced talent for the job. That is particularly evident in the auditorium and the courtroom. Elle Woods quickly proves that you can be very interested in fashion and still be an excellent law student. But it is not that easy for her to overcome and face the numerous prejudices, which stand in her way everywhere. The aspiring student has to battle with multiple stereotypes such as her blonde hair, naive manner, and wardrobe, all styled in pink. These personal attributes initially seem to be stumbling blocks on the way to becoming a lawyer.

Fight Against Reduction to the Outside

But the student remains true to herself and proves that you can also be successful. In doing so, she demonstrates that the stupid blonde is nothing more than a wrong and an out-of-date assessment of her person. Critics only reduce her to her appearance, but she contentedly defends herself. The film hides a deeply feminist message among numerous clichés in a smart way. One of them is Reese Witherspoon wearing an unbelievable 44 different outfits in the movie, which is just 90 minutes long. The idea behind that is that you cannot judge a woman by her appearance.


The protagonist unites apparent contradictions and breaks down prejudices. The producers did not initially plan the colour pink for the film. Initially, the designers opted for blue and purple. Only the research in student dormitories convinced filmmakers to go with pink. The main character Elle Woods has since made its way into pop culture. Her styling is currently experiencing a renaissance. The fashionable nostalgia has meant that her outfits are modern again. It goes so far that another film is in the works. In 2003, Reese Witherspoon was allowed to slip back into her character. Now, 20 years later, a second sequel is being produced. It is expected to be released sometime during 2022.