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Feminist Ideas and Photos Editing

Social networks and media are taking up more importance of our lives. We work, communicate, and look for information online. As a result, posting pictures of the personal life at many different social platforms became a normal thing. Unfortunately, the reality sometimes seems less appealing, so the programs of pictures editing are reaching the new level of popularity. The researchers claim that this desire to pretend that everything is better came from one of the feministic ideas: the most important thing is how do you feel, not how do you look. People do not want to make efforts, but they want to feel good and accepting this little lie.

The Roots

The desire to edit photos and become more attractive is noticeable all over the world during the recent years. Big eyes, slender waistline, beautiful skin, white teeth, firmer chest are the main features that people want. Psychologists are not surprised by this phenomenon. When interacting with others, people also try to dress up, wear makeup, and look their best. Noticing their defects in the mirror, many people do not leave home without finding a posture or a way to hide or reduce unwanted features even if it visible just for themselves. On social media people do the same as everyone thinks about how they look to others.

If people do not like their physical appearance, the question is why people take photo corrections instead of going to a gym or going to plastic surgeons. According to psychologists, this is due to some financial reasons and inner will. The services of a plastic surgeon cost thousands usually. In order to achieve results in a gym, it takes a lot of effort and time. Meanwhile, photo correction costs nothing, and the result is immediately visible in the photo. The tricky part is that the defects do not actually disappear. However, self-awareness changes and becomes inadequate in the human brain.

Differences in Europe

According to the psychotherapists, it is bad that people value their appearance more than the qualities of the character. Feminism has put in the heads of modern Europeans that it is more important to feel good than to look good. Therefore, women in Western Europe allow themselves to be fat and wear shirts, tiny shorts, or short dresses, and they feel pretty. But in Eastern Europe, where feminism came later because of the political systems, women still care a lot about their physical appearance, they want to be skinny, and beautiful. In these countries, the focus is more on image than on well-being and this becomes a new kind of ideology. However, the desire to edit pictures and reach the unrealistic perfection is noticeable all around the Europe.

However, if the desire to edit your photos with different apps and programs is desperate, it is a sign that your behavior needs to be analyzed more closely. Even if all your photos are edited, it is necessary to realize that there will still come a time when you will see a person in a reality or the mirror will always remind you about the defects that you actually are ignoring.