International Woman´s day

The International Women´s Day, March 8th, is celebrated all over the world. It is a day when women’s rights and injustices are to be noticed. The day was founded in 1920 by the socialistic organisation called the second international. The initiative was taken by the German communist Clara Zetkin. The Second International was a socialistic organisation founded in France on the day of celebrating the anniversary of the French revolution. The organisation was a collection of different organisations through Europe. The purpose of the International women’s day was that every country should have a day when women are celebrated under the slogan “the female right to vote shall unite our struggle for socialism”. Today the variation is big on how the day is celebrated in the different countries. Many countries express their love for women, like mother´s day or Valentine´s day, while in other countries there is a political struggle to give attention to equality.

Authentication by the UN

When the United Nations had their first international conference on women in Mexico in 1975 the first initiative was taken on creating an international day for women. This was later claimed in the UN in 1977 through a resolution. March 8th, 1978 was the first International Women´s day celebrated with support and authentication from the UN. The day was now on the list of anniversaries of the UN. With the UN behind it, the International Women´s Day went from a socialistic struggle to an international non-political anniversary.

Work in The Soviet Union

As a part of the peace movement surrounding World War I the Russian women celebrated a day of the women on the last Sunday of February in 1913. They continued their work on protesting against the war on March 8 in 1914. A few years later, in 1917, there were big trouble in the Soviet Union, people were starving and nearly two million soldiers were killed in action in the war or from the benefits from it. In the end of February, the women went on strike “for food and peace” what was later called the February revolution. The February revolution in 1917 was the start of the Russian revolution and the end of the regime of Tsar Nikolaj II. Nikolaj was associated with the war that had killed two million and wounded six million soldiers. The people saw the war as the reason to famine and mis conditions in the country. When the tsar was set aside a provisional government was founded which came to give the females the right to vote. This was on February 23d on the Juliann calendar which will convert to March 8th according to the Gregorian calendar

Woman´s day makes holiday

The second International Women´s conference was held in Moscow in 1921. There was a suggestion that the International Women´s Day should be on March 8th in memory of the February revolution. There was already suggested that this day should be a national holiday in the Soviet Union, but it took until 1965 before the Soviet presidium declared that the International Woman´s Day was to be a national holiday in the country. Today Woman´s Day is a national holiday in 26 countries. Many of these are former Soviet Union countries. In China all women get the afternoon off from work. There is a big debate on whether this day should exist or not. Some say that as long as this day is needed, there is no equality. Others mean that the day is slowing down the work on equality. Alice Schwarzer, a prominent German feminist is working hard to abolish the day with the argument that work is needed 365 days a year instead of just one day if we are to accomplish equality between man and woman.

International Women´s Day